Parsons Electric Acquires Hotwire Electric

Earlier this month, Parsons Electric welcomed Hotwire Electric to the family of Parsons Electric LLC companies. Hotwire Electric, based out of Hutchinson, MN, worked with the Hutchinson area – including the Hutchinson Hospital – and surrounding community providing primarily T&M work and small bid projects. Hotwire Electric began operating under the Parsons Electric brand as of July 8, 2019. We’re excited to welcome our new customers to the Parsons Electric family!

Empowering Extraordinary Women

March 3rd-9th was National Women In Construction week. The focus of Women in Construction (WIC) Week is to highlight women as a viable component of the construction industry. WIC Week also provides a platform to thousands of organizations across the country while raising awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry, and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry. Check out our new 3-part video series that was released last week featuring some of the amazing women at Parsons, shot by our own Creative & Media Coordinator, Dave Zdon!


As of 2016, there are over 1,000,000 women currently working in the construction industry, making up just under 10% of the workforce, ranging in position from office staff to material moving. Check out all of Parsons available opportunities in our Career Center!

Want to learn more about Women In Construction Week? Check out the National Association of Women In Construction‘s official website.

4-1-Forum: A Different Animal


“The art of stadium building… it’s a true art!”

Erik Carlson, Parsons Technologies Project Manager, continued his assessment.

“Stadiums are way different than hospitals and data centers. The schedules are tighter. They’re just different animals than other projects.”

The Milwaukee Bucks arena is one of those “different animals.” Its official name is “Fiserv Forum,” but locals call it the 4-1-Forum, after the local Milwaukee 414 area code. The arena seats 17,500 and carried a price tag of $524 Million. Parsons Technologies was engaged by Johnson Controls to provide the AV technology infrastructure for the “front of house” and all of the AV fabrication and installation for the “back of house.”  Parsons Technologies also was hired by Deer District LLC (Bucks ownership) to design and install all of the arena event lighting. Think programmable spotlights, lasers and anything else that makes you say, “Wow! How did they do that?”

“Front of house” refers to the main bowl where the event takes place. Here, Parsons Technologies, under the project management of Erik Carlson, installed the network of signal paths that send picture and sound from anywhere in the bowl to practically anywhere else. That path starts with 54 broadcast boxes throughout the arena, with an average of 80 signal inputs per box. The boxes are the point of connection for the multitude of camera, audio and data feeds needed to cover a modern sporting or entertainment event. From the broadcast boxes Technologies pulled 256,665 feet of signal cable to various points inside and outside the arena. The primary terminus is the truck dock where television network production trucks full of video monitors, switchers and recorders are connected to the arena.  In essence, they tap into the building’s nervous system. That 256,000 feet of cable equates to 48.6 miles; laid end to end, it would stretch from Fridley to Taylors Falls.Milwaukee Bucks

The AV infrastructure for the arena was designed and specified by Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams, Inc. WJHW is responsible for fully 50% of the stadiums and arenas built in the U.S., including Minnesota venues Target Center, Target Field and US Bank Stadium. Johnson Controls was Parsons Technologies direct client, and Mortenson was the General Contractor. The Project Manager representing ownership on the Fiserv Forum build was ICON Venue Group.

“We’ve got a great relationship with ICON,” added Erik. “We worked with them on the Warriors arena in San Francisco and the Penguins arena in Pittsburgh. And with Mortenson, we’ve got great history with them, too.”

Then Erik explained what “back-of-house” means. “Back-of-house is any arena area that isn’t the main bowl: clubs, suites, concourses, bathrooms, restaurants. If it gets picture or sound, we installed it.” Parsons Technologies built out AV equipment racks at a prefabrication facility set up specifically for this job. Components were installed, wired, programmed, tested and shipped as complete tested units. The result was a major build that was completed and commissioned on time. And a first season of Bucks basketball without technical issues where everything functioning as designed.

“The owners are happy, the fans are happy, ICON is happy, the GC is happy… that’s the end goal of every arena build,” added Erik.

When asked about special challenges encountered and overcome, Erik responded with what you’d expect from someone with 29 stadium jobs under his belt. “We still get surprises, but they’re pretty few and far between. There’s not much we haven’t seen.” Then he went on to recognize the field leadership with boots on the ground in Milwaukee.

“The field leaders make it happen. Lead Foreman Scott Dorner, Foreman Ben Smith and Senior Systems Specialist Alaun Pederson provided the great planning and great leadership that made this a Parsons job. They plan so far in advance and have done this so many times before, surprises are rare. Parsons jobs feel like Parsons jobs no matter where they happen, even with different subs, because of field leadership. They look like a 100% Parsons job. Consistency is key.”

4-1-ForumParsons field leaders work with local trade partners to help them understand and deliver Parsons quality and value. “At the end of the day, our trade partners are better for having worked with Parsons. They would never be exposed to the experience without Parsons field leadership.” Another example of Enriching Lives, and not one that many of us think about. Erik summed it up. “This leadership group is second-to-none.”

In the end, a stadium project with no drama, no excitement, nothing newsworthy. Happy owners, happy clients, happy fans. Just another example of Parsons understanding of value and commitment to deliver it. Totally unremarkable.

Which, when you think about it, is pretty remarkable.

Remarkably unremarkable.

What’s New at Parsons?

PROUD of our Employees

Working at ecs – Levi Weiss g

The dedication and effort our employees demonstrate on the job is just one of the reasons we are passionate and excel at what we do. Just ask Levi about it. #ParsonsPROUD #culture #teamwork

Parsons would like to recognize Andy Peterson for exhibiting our core values of Responsiveness to Customers and Reliable Commitments. Andy and the Tool Department set the standard for Parsons customer service through responding to countless requests promptly and with the best safety, quality, and production solutions for our field employees. Keep up the good work, Andy! #ParsonsPROUD#Culture #Values

Andy Peterson Parsons PROUD

Parsons Gives Back

Coffee with the CEO

Last month, a few of our new hires sat down for some coffee with Parsons President and CEO, Joel Moryn, who was a new hire in the warehouse over 30 years ago himself, for a face-to-face to answer any questions and chat about his experiences within the company. It was a great opportunity to meet the man behind the curtain and get a better feel for what Parsons stands for. Thanks Joel, for taking time out of your day to chat with our new employees! #culture #values #CEO

National Guard Pheasant Hunt

We had a great time sponsoring the Hugo Pheasant Hunt for our National Guard members returning home! Parsons is proud to support our military members through numerous organizations and events. Check out the full story here. #charity #giveback #community

Parsons in the News

AGC Construction MN Summit

Parsons was well represented at the recent AGC Construction MN Summit! Our Lean Executive Director, Perry Thompson, presented on Parsons’ Lean practices such as 5S and prefabrication and how it benefits our customers, while our Claims Manager, Bonnie Lunzer, spoke on EMR and Workers Comp Claims. To see the full listing of speakers and exhibitors, check them out at: AGC MN Construction Lean safety

Gopher Athletes Set Cumulative GPA Record, With Help of Athletes Village

The University of Minnesota student athletes posted their highest cumulative GPA in school history. Many of the athletes, coaches, and teachers attribute the student’s hard-work and dedication, as well as the illustrious Athletes Village, which provided student athletes with ample resources and space to achieve their goals on and off the field. Parsons is proud to have provided technology and electrical solutions for Athletes Village during initial construction, as well as ongoing service work after completion. Congratulations to all Gopher Student Athletes! Check out the full article here: UMN RTB big10 ncaa academics

Parsons Gives Back

Parsons cares about our veterans. In honor and support of our past, current, and active military team members, Parsons has selected ‘Give An Hour’ as our spotlight charity. Give an Hour provides free mental healthcare for those who serve, their families and their communities. Give an Hour has benefited veterans, active military and their families seek treatment for PTSD and find a new normal to life after being deployed. For those who have given so much, let’s help give something back. Please help Parsons donate to support the ‘Give An Hour’ initiative to spread awareness surrounding mental health and support those who may not otherwise be able to seek help. To help raise awareness and support this fundraiser, we will be hosting a chili cook-off in the Mississippi Room on Thursday, December 6th.

To learn more about Give an Hour and to place a donation, please visit our fundraiser landing page by clicking here. Here are what a few of Parsons own veterans have to say about the cause, and what it’s like to be a veteran at Parsons!


What would you say to any veterans interested in working at Parsons?


“The close-knit atmosphere at Parsons makes you feel like family. It was one of the reasons i decided to work here. I had a chance to apply the skills and abilities I learned while serving. It’s really nice to know everyone at Parsons has your back, not just in the workplace, but in the community as well.” – Adrian Laffitte
How did your military experience affect your transition to the workforce?
“A lot of veterans struggle transitioning back into every day life. In my experience, Parsons presented a chance to apply the leadership and communication skills I learned in the Air Force, in a fast paced and challenging industry. The invaluable support and respect that Parsons shows its veterans produces a great workplace for our service members.” – Rick Allen
What skills and characteristics from the military, apply to life at Parsons?
“Parsons is a great place to use the core training you get from the military. Discipline, Leadership, Honor, Respect, and Getting the Job Done, they all come together at Parsons. I realized the importance of hands on learning and i have been given a great opportunity to train and mentor others in our Lean culture using these skills.” – Perry Thompson
As someone still enlisted in the Army Reserves, how does Parsons accommodate your service obligations?
“They are super flexible and supportive when it comes to my schedule. They understand that my schedule fluctuates, and they always want to make things as easy as possible for me. They just want to make things work.” – Mark Hanson
How does your military training apply to your current position of Associate Project Manager?
“There are plenty of skills that overlap. All of my leadership, organization, communication, and detail oriented skills apply nicely to my job as a part of the office project team at ecs.” – Lucas Rouen
What were some of the things you experienced in the Air Force that prepared you for work outside of the service?


“Not only did I learn technical computer skills in the Air Force, I also was exposed to my first leadership and supervisor training. All of those skills are a huge part of my job at Parsons today.” – Jeff Moryn
What would you say to anyone interested in working at Parsons?
“Parsons is an awesome place to work. I have NEVER had this much support in regards to the military from any other employer before. They truly care about their employees and their families.” – Jace Erickson

Built By Alumni

Construction of the new Welcome Center and Learning Commons was completed by alumni working in industry.

Dunwoody alumni (from left) Pat Hogan, Tim Hansen, and Travis Nelson consult on the removal of electrical systems after the former guard building was taken down near the entrance to Dunwoody.

For many of the new industry professionals hired to complete construction of Dunwoody’s new Welcome Center and Learning Commons, it wasn’t their first time on campus. In fact, more than a dozen shared the distinction of being Dunwoody alums.

And the alumni connection extends even further. General contractor Mortenson Construction, was founded by M.A. Mortenson Sr., who was also a Dunwoody graduate.

When the expansion to the original Dunwoody building was constructed in 1924, Dunwoody sheet metal students, electrical students, and building construction students all had a hand in completing the project. Ninety-four years later, it was Dunwoody alumni who worked to complete the 24,000 square-foot renovation and expansion.

Tim Hansen, Project Manager, Parsons Electric

When Parsons Electric was hired to handle electrical construction for this project, it wasn’t an accident that Tim Hansen was brought in as the Project Manager.

“I saw that the renovation was happening and I emailed my boss,” said Hansen, a 2003 Electrical & Construction Maintenance graduate. “I went to school here, and I thought it would be great to be a part of the project.”

Hansen attended Dunwoody based on advice from his dad, who was also a Dunwoody grad. Hansen said it was good advice.

“Dunwoody gives you a good foundation for understanding the electrical industry,” Hansen said, adding that it provided him with the building blocks he needed to establish himself in the industry.

He’s been at Parsons for nine years and enjoys the work, the company culture, and the variety of projects he gets to work on.

Hansen has been part of teams that helped build the Mall of America expansion and Athletes Village at the University of Minnesota.

Travis Nelson, Foreman, Parsons Electric

Travis Nelson was working in a night club when he decided to apply to Dunwoody. He had an interest in electrical construction, and a friend who was attending encouraged him to check it out.

Nelson said his Dunwoody education really prepared him for his work in the industry. Nelson also found a place in the Union. His first year as an apprentice was with Parsons. He was later offered a position at the company and has been there for more than five years.

Now a Foreman for Parsons, Nelson was excited to be assigned to the Dunwoody project and has enjoyed seeing some of his former instructors.

Corey Stone, Associate Project Manager, Parsons Electric

Corey Stone has a long family connection to Dunwoody. In fact, four generations of the Stone family have attended the college, including his father Steve Stone. But there were multiple reasons why he made his decision to attend Dunwoody.

“I like that the classes and the College are structured and centered on preparing you for the real world,” said Stone. “I really felt motivated and supported every day, since students at Dunwoody are here for a purpose and want to learn.”

After graduating from Dunwoody, Stone spent time at a number of architectural firms. He made the switch to Parsons in 2009, where he helped develop their Building Information Modeling (BIM)/ Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) group.

Now an Associate Project Manager, Stone said he enjoys being more hands-on with many different aspects of the construction process. Throughout his career at Parsons, Stone has worked on some of the company’s largest jobs including construction of U.S. Bank Stadium.

Pat Hogan, Superintendent, Parsons Electric

Pat Hogan also has family who attended Dunwoody. Both his father and grandfather graduated from the sheet metal program.

Hogan, a 1997 Electrical Construction & Maintenance alum, said it wasn’t until after he tried a traditional four-year university and a community college that he decided to give Dunwoody a try.

He entered the electrical program knowing nothing about the industry, but the active, hands-on learning was a good fit for his learning style.

He joined the union after graduation and his last apprenticeship was at Parsons. He’s been there ever since. Now a Superintendent for the company, Hogan says he stayed at Parsons because of the people. “They are more like family,” he said.

The variety of projects has also kept the work interesting. Hogan has been able to work on projects like the Light Rail and U.S. Bank Stadium.

He hadn’t been back to Dunwoody since graduating, and said the job site has definitely brought back a lot of memories. The last time he was in the gymnasium was when he graduated.

Working on such an old building has been a challenge, but one Hogan said he enjoyed. “The renovation is impressive,” he said. “It really adds a nice element to the school and brings it more up-to-date.”

This article was written and published by Dunwoody College in their Friends and Alumni magazine.

Prudential Center – World’s Largest In-Arena Scoreboard

Prudential Center

Parsons Technologies served as the general contractor for the construction of the world’s largest in-arena scoreboard at Prudential Center (as of September 2017), home of the New Jersey Devils. The scoreboard measures 60’x60’x38’ –– three times the size of the average single family home in New Jersey with a square footage of 9,584.9 feet. The giant Translux video screens are the equivalent of 1,300 50-inch televisions, made up of over 29 million pixels. Installation at Prudential Center also included two levels of ribbon board around the arena. 

Prudential Center Scoreboard

As a major arena for the area, Prudential Center had a number of major scheduled events in the Devils’ offseason, limiting the production and installation schedule to just two months onsite at the arena. The construction team for the remodel had to work around these functions scheduling work on the Translux scoreboard installation, as well as ribbon scoreboard installation around load-in, sound check, the event dates themselves, and tear-down of the events, which spanned from one to four days at a time.

Scoreboard Installation

Parsons Technologies operated as a general contractor for this project, coordinating tear-down of the old arena scoreboard and ribbon boards, construction and installation of the new electronics to meet budget and scope of the project. Parsons Technologies contracted with Mountain Productions to remove the old scoreboard and ribbons while Eastern Sign Tech worked to build the framework for the new record-breaking scoreboard display.

The framework was constructed offsite, dismantled and brought onsite for installation, allowing the team to keep the construction and testing schedule while working around scheduled events taking place in the arena. Once onsite, Mehl Electric handled all electrical wiring and installation of the unit.

With only two months to complete the project, the team pulled off a construction feat in time for the major reveal late September. This was largely due in part to managing multiple stages of the project simultaneously, including prefabricating the frame of the assembly based on external dimensions taken at the site while the VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) and engineering team completed their work on the final design of the internal wiring.

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Building the Legacy

Legacy Lofts

Construction on this 1 million sq. ft. multi-unit residential building located in downtown Minneapolis, MN began in June 2016 and was turned over to the owner, Riverdale Ventures LLC, on August 1st, 2018. This 374-unit condo building, which includes 700,000 sq. ft. of livable space, was prewired for lighting, Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Wi-Fi, and features a number of modern-living amenities including, but not limited to a golf simulator, Virtual Reality (VR) game suite, pool and fitness center with LED lighting, yoga studio, in-floor heating, and climate-controlled parking, to name a few.

Construction began on The Legacy in June 2016, and Parsons began implementing Parsons P4 planning system to theproject with daily huddles, weekly updates and pull planning sessions with RJM Construction. This process was a critical component to the eventual success of the project, enabling the teams to coordinate between trades, plan and layout a preliminary work schedule, and identify potential gaps/issues that could cause delays along the way. As part of this Lean process, Parsons came together with the respective Design professionals from the other trades to talk through the designs and also met with Xcel Energy onsite to ensure they had the information needed to provide a utility transformer capable of providing permanent power throughout the entire building. This advanced collaboration helped identify and resolve issues early enough in the process to avoid impacts to the schedule, inventory, or budget.

The team also utilized The Last Planner System (LPS) creating a visual representation of the working plan to help keep everyone on the same page, set reliable weekly goals and ensure the team was aligned with our customer’s expectations and needs every step of the way.

During this time, Parsons’ prefabrication shop began creating units for the condos that could easily be installed once onsite. One unit included multiple assemblies which contained all electrical wiring, necessary outlets, cabling, and media closures, for a single condo. Parsons’ prefabrication team produced 13-21 units a week, depending on the scheduled demand, producing a total of over 22,000 assemblies and a total of 374 units for this project. The use of Parsons prefabrication teams were critical during this project as it saved considerable time and money on this project.

Legacy Lofts Construction

This was the first project that Parsons Prefabrication team used the one-piece flow process rather than three piece batch building, saving the project considerable time and money. Prior to the Legacy build, each in-wall assembly would take 11 minutes to produce. Using one piece flow production, this time was reduced to 6 minutes per assembly and an estimated savings of over $150,000 on prefabrication services for this one project.

Once onsite construction began, Parsons Electric started working on concrete decks for the post tension slabs in October of 2016, and in September of 2017 began the unit rough-in phase. An onsite crew of 35 electricians from Parsons Electric and 4 technicians from Parsons Technologies began to work on rough-ins for the 374 units, completing up to 16 units a week.

Maintaining a strict schedule, workers would receive just-in-time delivery of rough-in packages from the prefabrication team for each unit – eliminating onsite inventory, reducing onsite waste and allowing for quick, efficient production while maintaining quality control standards. Each unit rough-in package contained everything needed to rough in a unit, including lights, switches, receptacles, and the power/media panel containing data and coax routing.

Partnering with Parsons Electric, Parsons Technologies worked on this project through the established contract with RJM in a Design-Build capacity. This was a critical component in project planning and management allowing the two divisions of Parsons to work together to meet the requested scope of work in the most efficient, budget friendly way possible.

Legacy Lofts

Data systems were prefabricated and each residential unit, which ranged from 1100 to 3100 total sq. ft. in size. Public spaces were enhanced with eight Samsung A/V displays. Security points were set with 33 Genetec card readers and 7-9 Axis cameras. Structured cabling throughout the building were Cat5 and Cat6 and Hubbell termination product was used. Comcast provided the backbone fiber to all residential units. Parsons Technologies added in AOR and TES systems to this project, new systems that have not been incorporated to a residential build of this size before.

In total, about 20% of the projects hours for The Legacy were spent on work performed by our prefabrication crew of 5-7 electricians with the prefabrication of our Technologies division accounting for over 50% of the hours Parsons Technologies bid out for their contract. The heavy involvement of prefabrication on this project enabled our field team to focus on connecting prefabricated cabling to a central unit in each condo, reducing time and material costs as well as increasing safety on site.

Legacy Lofts electrical constructionProblem solving is a staple of any Parsons project, and being part of our CORE values and Lean philosophies, are present on every job site through employee innovations. Continuous improvements were abound on this project. Parsons project team improved slab pour equipment and material picks – reducing three picks to one per slab pour. The team also invented a new tool to install threaded rods through a modified drill extension – improving safety by enabling the installer to remain standing when it came to installing over 8,000 rods.

This also significantly reduced the time to install each rod from 40 seconds down to just 5. Additionally, the team installed the unit homeruns early in the process using inexpensive inspector approved tact ties to strap the MC Feeders to the rods which saved hours on the installation time. As a result of having time to plan this project, the team was able to identify numerous improvements that not only saved time, but also improved efficiencies and quality while on the project.

Riverdale Ventures LLC took ownership of the building on July 21st, 2018, with the first closing dates in August. The construction team completed the project by the scheduled completion date and came in under budget.

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Super Bowl Makes Minneapolis the “Most Mobile-Friendly City” in US

One year before the Vikings’ 2017-2108 season even began, preparations were underway for Super Bowl 52 at U.S. Bank Stadium. With over $1 billion invested in permanent network upgrades and Advanced LTE technology, wireless data capacity was increased by 500%.

Preparing for Increased Data Usage

Verizon spent the past off-season increasing DAS capabilities by 48% to handle the exponential jump in traffic and now has over 100 DAS zones stadium-wide. Amidst the upgrade process, Verizon discovered that in-stadium DAS traffic for Vikings home games was greater than the previous Super Bowl in Houston.

On game day, there was over 50 terabytes of cellular data traffic, double the amount from the previous year. To put it in perspective, 50 TB is the equivalent of streaming HD video for 1,208 days straight. WiFi usage also broke the record held previously by last year’s Super Bowl, but numbers have yet to be released. Verizon experienced the highest average download speeds of all national carriers and was used by 57% of attendees, an annual growth of 12%. AT&T saw a slight decrease in in-stadium traffic but led all carriers in traffic outside of the
stadium. According to Verizon and AT&T, top uses for cellular data in and around the stadium included web browsing, video, social media, and other sports apps. The most significant uptick in wireless use was during the halftime performance followed by a large spike during kickoff.

Parsons is proud to have been involved with the design and implementation of these upgrades. Our dedicated field staff worked tirelessly with engineers and vendors to fine-tune and maintain these systems during events to ensure peak mobile performance at not just the Super Bowl, but all venues hosting an event during the week. This cutting-edge technology has made Minneapolis the most mobile-friendly city in the country and reaffirmed Parsons’ position as a premier mobile solutions contractor. Read Verizon’s full list of game-day facts here.

The Value of an Internship

This summer, in the midst of the $92.5 million renovations to the University of Minnesota’s Tate Science and Teaching building on the East Bank, Michael Obungen was gaining vital, real-world experience while completing necessary credits for his Construction Management major. As a Parsons summer intern, he was on site only weeks after applying for the position. The Tate building renovation began in September of 2015, so when Obungen came aboard in the summer of 2017, the project was nearing completion. As an intern, he was able to apply his recently acquired classroom knowledge to the job site and learn applicable skills.

“I found it amazing how all the stuff that we learned in the program was useful in the internship,” Michael says. “I’m assisting a project manager and a senior project manager for my internship.” His role onsite was to assist in the review of all electrical facets while becoming familiar with BIM 360 software, and communicating with project managers and other subcontractors to ensure everything was running according to plan.

Michael’s father is an electrician in the Seattle area, which is where he got his start. He would assist his father on projects until he joined the Army. After his time in the service, he moved to Minnesota to enroll in the U of M’s Construction Management program. His goal is to become a project engineer, and eventually a project manager with LEED certification to help create sustainable structures. “Being LEED certified adds credibility to your resume and shows that you want to build a sustainable world. Coming from Washington, I grew to appreciate the environment, so that sustainability piece is part of me.”

Read the full article posted by the University of Minnesota here. If you would like to learn more about our available internship and career opportunities, please check out our careers page for more information.