Leadership Team

Outstanding leadership is the key to building a productive, successful, and ethical business. The Parsons leadership team guides our employees based on our core value – integrity. Our leaders team together to bring you more than 120 years of experience. The personalities of these individuals, combined with their expertise and knowledge, have shaped the structure for success for Parsons.


Joel Moryn – President

Passion for Parsons’ growth, project success, and leadership embodies Joel’s commitment to the company. He has built a reputation as a caring, insightful, and knowledgeable leader throughout his extensive career at Parsons. The employees of Parsons trust Joel to lead the development of the company’s strategy and oversee its implementation. He is ultimately responsible for ensuring that Parsons is appropriately organized and staffed, to assess the principal risks of the company and to ensure these risks are being monitored, and day-to-day management decisions of the company. He understands that effective leadership requires a blend of characteristics, styles, and skills and he has cultivated that in his leadership team.

“We have a diversity of thought within the senior leadership team and we share a high standard for corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever we do business.” -Joel Moryn, 36 years with Parsons

Dave Nielson - VP, Electrical Construction
Dave Nielsen – Senior Vice President of Electrical Construction

At Parsons, we realize it takes tireless effort from every member on our team to strive to be the best. Vice President, Dave Nielsen works to facilitate cohesiveness for all groups of our electrical construction division and ensures that we collaborate to carefully execute a successful project from start to finish. Dave oversees all facets of our Electrical Construction division, including Estimating and Pre-Construction, Design/BIM, Marketing/Business Development, and Project Management.

“At Parsons, we rely on our project history and project experience, the depth of our capabilities and the markets we work in, and the bench strength of our people. This makes us the best option for our customers.” -Dave Nielsen, 17 years with Parsons

Rick Anderson – Vice President of Electrical Service

“Long term relationships are built on trust and performance. Maintaining long term relationships requires consistency and must be proven over and over,” says Vice President of Electrical Service, Rick Anderson. Our customers are first and foremost, always. Loyal customers are what allow our company to grow, expand, and pursue success. Rick understands our customers better than anyone and is responsible for overseeing Parsons’ Service, Maintenance, Special Projects, and Technical Service groups. Rick leads these groups ensuring that Parsons is providing our customers with support for all their electrical requirements, serving their most critical need.

“Our job is to help make our customers more successful. Providing the highest quality of service on a daily basis takes dedication and a conscious effort. Our office and field staff are always in communication and sharing best practices to ensure we are meeting our customers’ most critical needs. It’s what we do better than anyone else.”
-Rick Anderson, 18 years with Parsons

Wendy Boosalis - VP, Technologies
Wendy Boosalis – Senior Vice President of Technologies

We understand the only way to remain relevant is to facilitate an innovative environment for our people. “We might be in the process of strategically acquiring a business to expand our services to our existing customers or re-purposing 3,000 square feet of warehouse to a state of the art audio rack fabrication space. In either case, we are ‘Reinventing Possible’”, says Vice President of Technologies, Wendy Boosalis. Wendy leads, develops, and works to sustain the Technologies business practice for Parsons and its affiliated entities – always striving to discover new opportunities for growth by expanding our services and our reach.

“For me, one of the most rewarding aspects is the collective mental energy that is expended every day at every level to improve our customer’s and employee’s experience. We seek improvement of our processes, tools, equipment, services, and our knowledge.” -Wendy Boosalis, 16 years with Parsons

Olson, Bill Resume
Bill Olson – Vice President of Field Operations

Providing our employees with the tools needed to be successful on the jobsite and exceeding our customers’ expectations is our mission. Safety is our number one priority in the workplace andour employees are our most valued asset. We take safety seriously and we will take all necessary steps to ensure our employees are always conscious of their own safety, as well as the safety of the people around them, and the environment they are working in. In addition, we provide our employees with industry leading tools, material, information technology, prefabrication, safety equipment and extensive training to perform their jobs to the highest level. Furthermore, utilizing LEAN construction tools and processes helps our employees achieve “continuous improvement through the elimination of waste” on the jobsites. The increases in productivity, innovation, quality, and safety provides more value to our customers. which includes Safety, Field Labor Prefabrication Shop in Fridley,Purchasing, Tools, and Warehousing/Transportation.

“Parsons is committed to providing all our employees a safe and healthful environment to work in. Our employees our empowered to take responsibility for their safety and ensure that all hazards are removed from the workplace. It is part of the Parsons culture.” -Bill Olson, 23 years with Parsons

Northquest, Mike Resume
Mike Northquest – Chief Financial Officer

“Ethical behavior is so important to Parsons that we begin our mission with the words ‘Guided by Integrity'” says CFO, Mike Northquest. Mike uses reliable judgment and thorough observation to coordinate all fiscal reporting activities for Parsons, maintain valued relationships with banking and surety partners, carefully assess and prepare plans to mitigate risk, and monitor the annual budget process and ongoing financial forecasting. Mike is valuable to Parsons – helping to lead the way, always Guided by Integrity.

“Our employees understand that our mission is more than just a statement that sounds good to customers. We truly believe it and conduct business in a manner consistent with high ethical standards.” -Mike Northquest, 21 years with Parsons