Lean Ready

Lean Mission Statement –

Doing it better than we have ever done before. Parsons is committed to developing a lean culture built on teamwork, respect for others, collaboration of ideas, and continuous improvement.

We have been on the lean journey for many years but only in the last several years we have begun to learn that a Lean Culture is not a place to get to but a mode of travel. We are daily striving to embody the cultural elements of the lean building blocks; respect for people, detailed collaborative planning, continuous improvements, and reliable commitments.

Our lean journey is guided by our willingness to examine what we do well and not be satisfied but to search for and eliminate waste to reach for perfection. Lean thinking allows our project teams to deliver on our promises and improve our performance as we work through each project striving to achieve efficiency of installation and consistent workflow.

“Planning Better Leads to Executing Better and Lowers Our Risk.”

– Perry Thompson, Parsons Lean Executive Director

Our Lean Tools

  • Parsons Planning System
    Concordia Moorhead Pull Planning (2)

    • Project Milestone Scheduling
    • Phase Pull Planning
    • Make Ready Planning
    • Weekly Work Plan
    • Daily Huddles
    • PDCA – Continuous Improvement, Plan – Do – Check – Act
    • 5S – Sort, Straighten, Standardize, Sweep, Sustain all areas of work
    • 8 Wastes- Looking for opportunities to improve ourselves
    • A3- Tool used for problem solving, delivering company initiatives, and improving performance.
  • Prefabrication
    • Fully functioning fabrication facilities at each office
    • Reduced jobsite debris
    • Shortened installation schedules
    • Eliminates most on-site storage