Systems Support Backs Our Commitment To You

Amy Patiuk, Systems Support Manager —

Prior to coming to Parsons, I worked for a company that expanded into Canada. As a vendor manager in facilities management, I was responsible for finding the right partners to support our systems once construction was complete. I thought it would be an easy task—why not have the installation contractor support our equipment
after construction? I met with a few of the contractors and to my surprise was told, “No.” Incredulous, I left trying to find vendors in areas I was not familiar with and resorted to Google searches to get leads to support our multi-million dollar facilities. ‘

ss_0376_gfx-2That experience is why I am so passionate about the Systems Support team. The idea for Systems Support resulted from Parsons SWAT team (Strategic Work Alliances for Technologies). The team’s goal was to formalize and improve support for customers after the installation of their audio/visual, security, and network infrastructure systems. When I started with the company, I jumped at the chance to take the experience from my previous employer and develop programs to better serve Technologies customers of Parsons, MEI, and All Systems Installation. I was and continue to be inspired by Parsons’ mission: “Guided by integrity, Parsons is dedicated to our customers’ and employees’ success, through excellence in service, innovation, and performance.” The Systems Support team mission is directly connected to Parsons’ in that we are committed to our customers’ success through continued support of the systems we install.

The Systems Support team offers our customers maintenance agreements, preventive maintenance programs, emergency repair services, and warranty management. We have a dedicated team of technicians and engineers who are ready to provide support when the request comes in. We offer great service, a friendly person on the phone or at your site, and a quick turnaround on issues. We know these systems because we installed them. Let us be your first call for support.
You may reach us at or 763-528-2888. We are fully staffed to help Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm Central and also available for emergencies after hours.

Meet The Team

Amy Patiuk, Systems Support Manager
Amy oversees the operations of the Systems Support team from proposals and client meetings to business process development. Contact Amy for information on our services at 763-528-7706 or




Dawn Byars, Systems Support Coordinator
Dawn leads the day-to-day operations of the Systems Support team. She fields phone calls and emails and ensures the right person is assigned to resolve your issue. Contact Dawn for support at 763-528-2888 or




Dave Osborne, Journeyman Technician
Dave is the lead field technician on the Systems Support team. Anyone who’s worked with Dave knows he is highly efficient and meticulous and is able to solve just about any problem he encounters. He has a wide range of experience, from major corporate campuses to sports venues.




Justin Szmanda, Security Systems Specialist
Growing up in the family security business, Justin had a deep knowledge of the security field. He has designed systems for major hospitals and small retailers. He loves to troubleshoot issues and works tirelessly to resolve them.




J Eisenbraun, Audio/Visual Systems Specialist
J has over 17 years of industry experience in audio/visual systems. His keen eye and dedication have won him accolades for design, estimation, and engineering. J holds several certifications and is a Level III Crestron Programmer.