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Parsons cares about our veterans. In honor and support of our past, current, and active military team members, Parsons has selected ‘Give An Hour’ as our spotlight charity. Give an Hour provides free mental healthcare for those who serve, their families and their communities. Give an Hour has benefited veterans, active military and their families seek treatment for PTSD and find a new normal to life after being deployed. For those who have given so much, let’s help give something back. Please help Parsons donate to support the ‘Give An Hour’ initiative to spread awareness surrounding mental health and support those who may not otherwise be able to seek help. To help raise awareness and support this fundraiser, we will be hosting a chili cook-off in the Mississippi Room on Thursday, December 6th.

To learn more about Give an Hour and to place a donation, please visit our fundraiser landing page by clicking here. Here are what a few of Parsons own veterans have to say about the cause, and what it’s like to be a veteran at Parsons!


What would you say to any veterans interested in working at Parsons?


“The close-knit atmosphere at Parsons makes you feel like family. It was one of the reasons i decided to work here. I had a chance to apply the skills and abilities I learned while serving. It’s really nice to know everyone at Parsons has your back, not just in the workplace, but in the community as well.” – Adrian Laffitte
How did your military experience affect your transition to the workforce?
“A lot of veterans struggle transitioning back into every day life. In my experience, Parsons presented a chance to apply the leadership and communication skills I learned in the Air Force, in a fast paced and challenging industry. The invaluable support and respect that Parsons shows its veterans produces a great workplace for our service members.” – Rick Allen
What skills and characteristics from the military, apply to life at Parsons?
“Parsons is a great place to use the core training you get from the military. Discipline, Leadership, Honor, Respect, and Getting the Job Done, they all come together at Parsons. I realized the importance of hands on learning and i have been given a great opportunity to train and mentor others in our Lean culture using these skills.” – Perry Thompson
As someone still enlisted in the Army Reserves, how does Parsons accommodate your service obligations?
“They are super flexible and supportive when it comes to my schedule. They understand that my schedule fluctuates, and they always want to make things as easy as possible for me. They just want to make things work.” – Mark Hanson
How does your military training apply to your current position of Associate Project Manager?
“There are plenty of skills that overlap. All of my leadership, organization, communication, and detail oriented skills apply nicely to my job as a part of the office project team at ecs.” – Lucas Rouen
What were some of the things you experienced in the Air Force that prepared you for work outside of the service?


“Not only did I learn technical computer skills in the Air Force, I also was exposed to my first leadership and supervisor training. All of those skills are a huge part of my job at Parsons today.” – Jeff Moryn
What would you say to anyone interested in working at Parsons?
“Parsons is an awesome place to work. I have NEVER had this much support in regards to the military from any other employer before. They truly care about their employees and their families.” – Jace Erickson

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