Building the Legacy

Legacy Lofts

Construction on this 1 million sq. ft. multi-unit residential building located in downtown Minneapolis, MN began in June 2016 and was turned over to the owner, Riverdale Ventures LLC, on August 1st, 2018. This 374-unit condo building, which includes 700,000 sq. ft. of livable space, was prewired for lighting, Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Wi-Fi, and features a number of modern-living amenities including, but not limited to a golf simulator, Virtual Reality (VR) game suite, pool and fitness center with LED lighting, yoga studio, in-floor heating, and climate-controlled parking, to name a few.

Construction began on The Legacy in June 2016, and Parsons began implementing Parsons P4 planning system to theproject with daily huddles, weekly updates and pull planning sessions with RJM Construction. This process was a critical component to the eventual success of the project, enabling the teams to coordinate between trades, plan and layout a preliminary work schedule, and identify potential gaps/issues that could cause delays along the way. As part of this Lean process, Parsons came together with the respective Design professionals from the other trades to talk through the designs and also met with Xcel Energy onsite to ensure they had the information needed to provide a utility transformer capable of providing permanent power throughout the entire building. This advanced collaboration helped identify and resolve issues early enough in the process to avoid impacts to the schedule, inventory, or budget.

The team also utilized The Last Planner System (LPS) creating a visual representation of the working plan to help keep everyone on the same page, set reliable weekly goals and ensure the team was aligned with our customer’s expectations and needs every step of the way.

During this time, Parsons’ prefabrication shop began creating units for the condos that could easily be installed once onsite. One unit included multiple assemblies which contained all electrical wiring, necessary outlets, cabling, and media closures, for a single condo. Parsons’ prefabrication team produced 13-21 units a week, depending on the scheduled demand, producing a total of over 22,000 assemblies and a total of 374 units for this project. The use of Parsons prefabrication teams were critical during this project as it saved considerable time and money on this project.

Legacy Lofts Construction

This was the first project that Parsons Prefabrication team used the one-piece flow process rather than three piece batch building, saving the project considerable time and money. Prior to the Legacy build, each in-wall assembly would take 11 minutes to produce. Using one piece flow production, this time was reduced to 6 minutes per assembly and an estimated savings of over $150,000 on prefabrication services for this one project.

Once onsite construction began, Parsons Electric started working on concrete decks for the post tension slabs in October of 2016, and in September of 2017 began the unit rough-in phase. An onsite crew of 35 electricians from Parsons Electric and 4 technicians from Parsons Technologies began to work on rough-ins for the 374 units, completing up to 16 units a week.

Maintaining a strict schedule, workers would receive just-in-time delivery of rough-in packages from the prefabrication team for each unit – eliminating onsite inventory, reducing onsite waste and allowing for quick, efficient production while maintaining quality control standards. Each unit rough-in package contained everything needed to rough in a unit, including lights, switches, receptacles, and the power/media panel containing data and coax routing.

Partnering with Parsons Electric, Parsons Technologies worked on this project through the established contract with RJM in a Design-Build capacity. This was a critical component in project planning and management allowing the two divisions of Parsons to work together to meet the requested scope of work in the most efficient, budget friendly way possible.

Legacy Lofts

Data systems were prefabricated and each residential unit, which ranged from 1100 to 3100 total sq. ft. in size. Public spaces were enhanced with eight Samsung A/V displays. Security points were set with 33 Genetec card readers and 7-9 Axis cameras. Structured cabling throughout the building were Cat5 and Cat6 and Hubbell termination product was used. Comcast provided the backbone fiber to all residential units. Parsons Technologies added in AOR and TES systems to this project, new systems that have not been incorporated to a residential build of this size before.

In total, about 20% of the projects hours for The Legacy were spent on work performed by our prefabrication crew of 5-7 electricians with the prefabrication of our Technologies division accounting for over 50% of the hours Parsons Technologies bid out for their contract. The heavy involvement of prefabrication on this project enabled our field team to focus on connecting prefabricated cabling to a central unit in each condo, reducing time and material costs as well as increasing safety on site.

Legacy Lofts electrical constructionProblem solving is a staple of any Parsons project, and being part of our CORE values and Lean philosophies, are present on every job site through employee innovations. Continuous improvements were abound on this project. Parsons project team improved slab pour equipment and material picks – reducing three picks to one per slab pour. The team also invented a new tool to install threaded rods through a modified drill extension – improving safety by enabling the installer to remain standing when it came to installing over 8,000 rods.

This also significantly reduced the time to install each rod from 40 seconds down to just 5. Additionally, the team installed the unit homeruns early in the process using inexpensive inspector approved tact ties to strap the MC Feeders to the rods which saved hours on the installation time. As a result of having time to plan this project, the team was able to identify numerous improvements that not only saved time, but also improved efficiencies and quality while on the project.

Riverdale Ventures LLC took ownership of the building on July 21st, 2018, with the first closing dates in August. The construction team completed the project by the scheduled completion date and came in under budget.

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