Prudential Center – World’s Largest In-Arena Scoreboard

Prudential Center

Parsons Technologies served as the general contractor for the construction of the world’s largest in-arena scoreboard at Prudential Center (as of September 2017), home of the New Jersey Devils. The scoreboard measures 60’x60’x38’ –– three times the size of the average single family home in New Jersey with a square footage of 9,584.9 feet. The giant Translux video screens are the equivalent of 1,300 50-inch televisions, made up of over 29 million pixels. Installation at Prudential Center also included two levels of ribbon board around the arena. 

Prudential Center Scoreboard

As a major arena for the area, Prudential Center had a number of major scheduled events in the Devils’ offseason, limiting the production and installation schedule to just two months onsite at the arena. The construction team for the remodel had to work around these functions scheduling work on the Translux scoreboard installation, as well as ribbon scoreboard installation around load-in, sound check, the event dates themselves, and tear-down of the events, which spanned from one to four days at a time.

Scoreboard Installation

Parsons Technologies operated as a general contractor for this project, coordinating tear-down of the old arena scoreboard and ribbon boards, construction and installation of the new electronics to meet budget and scope of the project. Parsons Technologies contracted with Mountain Productions to remove the old scoreboard and ribbons while Eastern Sign Tech worked to build the framework for the new record-breaking scoreboard display.

The framework was constructed offsite, dismantled and brought onsite for installation, allowing the team to keep the construction and testing schedule while working around scheduled events taking place in the arena. Once onsite, Mehl Electric handled all electrical wiring and installation of the unit.

With only two months to complete the project, the team pulled off a construction feat in time for the major reveal late September. This was largely due in part to managing multiple stages of the project simultaneously, including prefabricating the frame of the assembly based on external dimensions taken at the site while the VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) and engineering team completed their work on the final design of the internal wiring.

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