Testing & Maintenance

Testing Services

Acceptance testing ensures electrical equipment and systems conform to applicable industry standards and project electrical specifications.

Visual and mechanical inspections during acceptance testing identify physical damage, manufacture’s defects, installation errors, and non code compliance issues before the equipment is energized and without related safety hazards.

Documentation of Acceptance Tests become baseline for future reference needed for an effective electrical maintenance program (EPM). Testing services covered are:

  • AC/DC Variable Speed Drives
  • Arrestors
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Capacitors, Reactors
  • DC Systems, Batteries
  • Generators
  • Ground-Fault Protection (LV)
  • Grounding Systems
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Low-Voltage Cables, <=600V
  • LV Breakers (Insulated/Molded Case/Power)
  • Medium-Voltage Cables, >1000V
  • Metal-Enclosed Busway
  • Metal-Enclosed Busway

Metering Devices

  • Motor Controls & Starters
  • Motors & Pumps
  • MV Breakers (Oil, Vacuum, SF6, Air)
  • MV Switches (Oil, Vacuum, SF6)
  • MV Switchgear
  • Protective Relays (Numeric/Mech/Solid State)
  • Regulating Apparatus
  • Relays (Numerical/Mechanical/Solid State)
  • Signal Reference Grids
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Switchboard Assemblies
  • Switchgear Assemblies
  • Transformers
  • UPS Systems

Maintenance Services

It is a certainty that Electrical Systems, if not properly maintained will fail. Regularly scheduled maintenance activities extend the life span of your electrical system, provide a greater level of personnel safety and identify potential problems before they interrupt business operations.

Planned maintenance services are far less costly and inconvenient than emergency services. Maintenance services covered are:

  • Additional Considers for Testing & Maintenance
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Breaker Testing, Repairs, Restoration
  • Industry Standards and Frequency Intervals
  • Load Banking / Discharge Tests / Exercising
  • Panelboards, Transformers, Busway Inspections
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Switchgear Maintenance
  • Thermographic Inspection and Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Inspection