The Value of an Internship

This summer, in the midst of the $92.5 million renovations to the University of Minnesota’s Tate Science and Teaching building on the East Bank, Michael Obungen was gaining vital, real-world experience while completing necessary credits for his Construction Management major. As a Parsons summer intern, he was on site only weeks after applying for the position. The Tate building renovation began in September of 2015, so when Obungen came aboard in the summer of 2017, the project was nearing completion. As an intern, he was able to apply his recently acquired classroom knowledge to the job site and learn applicable skills.

“I found it amazing how all the stuff that we learned in the program was useful in the internship,” Michael says. “I’m assisting a project manager and a senior project manager for my internship.” His role onsite was to assist in the review of all electrical facets while becoming familiar with BIM 360 software, and communicating with project managers and other subcontractors to ensure everything was running according to plan.

Michael’s father is an electrician in the Seattle area, which is where he got his start. He would assist his father on projects until he joined the Army. After his time in the service, he moved to Minnesota to enroll in the U of M’s Construction Management program. His goal is to become a project engineer, and eventually a project manager with LEED certification to help create sustainable structures. “Being LEED certified adds credibility to your resume and shows that you want to build a sustainable world. Coming from Washington, I grew to appreciate the environment, so that sustainability piece is part of me.”

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